Moda Introduces Snowboard-Flex Technology to Surfboards

Surfboard creates first-of-its-kind experience for all levels

San Diego, California - May 19, 2016 - San Diego surfboard startup Moda announces the release of the Moda Surfboard, a first-of-its-kind surfboard that's user-friendly and actually shreds because it features snowboard-quality flex. Unlike conventional surfboards, snowboard flex means a Moda surfboard is constantly adjusting its most critical design aspect – its lengthwise profile shape – to best suit the skill and style of the surfer. Experienced surfers will enjoy the speed of a flat surfboard and the maneuverability of a rockered surfboard, all in one board. Casual surfers will enjoy a safe and durable surfboard that actually shreds because the best way to make a surfboard flex is to build it with soft materials common to high-end bodyboards. Moda brings snowboard-quality flex to surf because we put snowboard technology directly inside our surfboards; patent pending.

“Moda is excited to introduce snowboard-flex to surfboards with the Moda Surfboard because it's so much fun to surf, and a very different experience than conventional surfboards,” said Moda founder Brenton Woo. “We love how snowboard flex gives you flat when you need speed and rocker when you turn, without plowing. We also love how flex makes surfboards safer, durable, and more environmentally responsible because of its soft construction. The result is user-friendly surfboards that actually shred. I'm really happy to finally share this new surf experience with everyone."

Moda Surfboards are available immediately for $350 each at We are on track for June shipping, just in time for summer.

Moda's first surfboard is 4’10” in length and designed for people up to 160 pounds. “We’re hard at work testing a 5’6” for 160-200 pounds, a 6’ for 200+, and we’ll have them available as soon as we can,” said Woo who first started exploring surfboard flex in 2009.


About Moda
Founded in 2016 in San Diego by surfer and snowboarder Brenton Woo, Moda exists to make surfing more fun through environmentally responsible solutions. Moda surfboards are hand crafted in Oceanside, Calif. from Moda Core, our composite surfboard blank that features our snowboard-flex technology. Moda Core allows anyone to easily shape and build surfboards that flex like snowboards. Woo was involved with snowboard design and manufacturing through Automaton, the Truckee, Calif.-based snowboard brand he founded in 2004. As a surfer, Woo travels to Hawaii, Australia, Costa Rica, and Indonesia, as well as along the California coast and in San Diego where he lives. Moda is a result of Woo combining his understanding of surfboard and snowboard design in order to improve surfing in a meaningful way. For more information, please visit

A 30-second demo video at this link may be used, linked to, and embedded, or downloaded at this link .

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