Into The Wild, And How To Get The Maximum Fun From Your Moda Surfboard

June 21, 2016

Into The Wild, And How To Get The Maximum Fun From Your Moda Surfboard

The first batch of Moda surfboard orders are shipping, some have already been delivered. Many thanks to all of our early supporters!

Now that Moda surfboards are in the wild, I'd like to share some tips on the best way to surf them.

1. Stand centered on the board. We've found that flex feels better with a centered stance because that allows the tail to flex around your back foot when turning. Standing back on the tail, like on a conventional shortboard, prevents it from flexing in a meaningful way. Standing centered with your back foot over the fins is the best way to get the most control and flex from a Moda surfboard.

2. Don't pump for speed. With conventional surfboards, pumping increases speed by making the board travel along its rocker curve instead of against it. Since Moda surfboards are naturally flat, there is no rocker to pump which means pumping doesn't add anything. Flex provides rocker as needed. Simply point the Moda surfboard where you want to go and let flex take care of the rest.

I get that these two points are very different than how we surf conventional surfboards. It took me a month to figure out that centered stance is best. And automatic pumping is a tough habit to unlearn. But if you can stand centered and keep still, it's worth it. Flex is such a different surf experience; one I believe you'll enjoy.

Lastly, as with any other surfboard, don't store or keep your Moda surfboard in direct sun or heat like a locked car during the summer.

Thanks again to all our early supporters. I'm keeping my eye out for Moda surfboards in the wild. Questions, comments, or feedback is welcome @modasurfboards on Twitter.

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