Focusing on Moda Core

July 23, 2017

Focusing on Moda Core

In 2017, Moda has transitioned away from surfboards to focus on our variable-rocker soft surfboard blank, Moda Core.

Variable-rocker doesn't just improve performance, it also makes surfboards simpler to use and easier to live with. Moda thinks the variable-rocker experience is worth sharing with as many people as we can. The best way to do that is to make it easy for surfboard makers to use Moda flex technology. Our solution is Moda Core, a soft PE foam blank with our flexible wood core technology inside.

The PE is easily shaped using manual, power, and CNC tools, most of which are typical to conventional PU and EPS surfboard shaping. And the internal wood core is positioned so that the shaper won't cut into it. The PE holds the surfboard's shape; the wood core handles flex for variable-rocker.

Once Moda Core is shaped, it can be thermally laminated with a variety of deck/rail skins, base slicks, and other layers for different performance, texture, and aesthetic reasons. The number of possible material configurations can be overwhelming!

In the long term, we think Moda Core is the right decision to bring variable-rocker to the greater public. It allows us to focus on what we do best - engineer surfboard flex - lets shapers focus on what they do best - designing and building surfboards - and, most importantly, surfers get the benefits of variable-rocker surfboards from their favorite brands. Everyone wins.


How do I get Moda-based surfboards?

Right now, there are two ways. The first is to get your favorite surfboard brand or shaper to contact us and we'll make things happen. Our email is

Alternatively, you're welcome to design and shape your own Moda Core at MakerPlace in San Diego. We host a DIY workshop where we not only shape boards, but also discuss design and share what has and hasn't worked for us in the past. This is a 'workshop' as opposed to a 'class' in that we're not telling you what to shape but showing you how to design variable-rocker surfboards. With every workshop, the community and knowledge base around variable-rocker grows, and it's fascinating to see what people are doing with Moda Core.

MakerPlace members will soon be able to shape Moda Cores in a dedicated shaping room at MakerPlace, independent of the DIY workshop. This is in response to all the people who've told us they want to shape Moda Cores into surfboards but can't fit the Saturday workshops into their schedules. Well soon you'll be able to shape on your own schedule, at your own pace, and with whatever tools you want in the dedicated shaping room. More to come.

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